Looking out the window 
From across the street 
I spy
A patch of red
Dangling from the 
Old tenement walk-up
Outside the top floor apartment 

At first some deflated balloons
Then the remnant of a Tibetan flag 
No – a forgotten t-shirt
On the line
Destined to keep company
With pigeons and storms

I am struggling
To walk
The midway
Between yesterday 
And a tomorrow 
I yet dare to imagine
Red, flapping, insistent 
My heart says hello
To every shredded thing
That still exists

Alice James continues to balance her underground status with accomplishments as a poet, singer-songwriter and painter. Her volume of poetry “The Trouble With Paradise,” (Synapse Press), was followed by a one-woman-show of oil paintings, (Enso Gallery). The CD release of original songs, “I Will Meet You There,” (Woodshed Records), allowed James to perform all over the country and overseas. She completed an MA Capstone Project, combining Childhood and Youth Studies with New York Studies, poetry and photography; and fulfilled requirements for a film studies certificate. This poem was written following an accident in 2018. She remains hopeful.

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