Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the first issue of Intermedium. This journal represents a modicum of the submissions we received and is a result of talented writers and a dedicated staff committed to contributing to the scholarship and the collective memory of the MALS program.

In shaping the journal, we debated its purpose. What should it be? Who is it for? What message do we want to convey to the Graduate Center community? For all our conversations and debate, it is not us, the inaugural editors, but you, the readers, contributors, peer reviewers, and editorial volunteers who will ultimately shape Intermedium. It is yours to fill, in feverish scholarly pursuit and with the joy and sadness of artistic expression, with the work that troubles divides and takes careful notice of our surroundings.

In times of uncertainty, we remind ourselves of the connections to be made, the hierarchies to examine, the memories to record, and the voices to amplify. It is our hope that in the following pages, the work of our diverse student body, committed to building bridges across academic disciplines, will help you discover a new truth – to question, to push boundaries, to resist.

Melissa, Peter, and Quixote
Intermedium Managing Editors, 2018