Dear Readers,

Last spring, we presented the first issue of Intermedium, with a commitment to document and preserve the collective memory of the MALS program. This spring, we are thrilled to present a second issue, one that continues to take the shape of the work that MALS students put into it.

With a focus on garments and physical markers, in the following pages, you will find that it is the work of moving between tangibility and intangibility, visibility and invisibility, manifestation and dissociation, that characterize this issue of Intermedium. Jana Jarosz invites us to consider the space between the “intangibility of theory and the daily practice of getting and being dressed.” Alice James demonstrates the associative wanderings of mistaking a t-shirt for a Tibetan flag. Callen Zimmerman investigates the way certain flags and nuances in dress in queer cultures both affirm and challenge identities. Emma King explores how the Minotaur in the work of Jorge Luis Borges demonstrates, “conflicting impulses to simultaneously other and embrace the self.” Ryan Gato further explores the shadows of interiority but not without a “seepage of light.”

Intermedium continues to be a work in progress, a mediation between theory and everyday, digital and physical. It is, after all, in the work and the mediation that new possibilities rise, however briefly, to the surface.

Melissa and Peter

Intermedium Managing Editors, 2019

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